@GIbiz I can't help but be a little conflicted by stuff like this. There are alternatives, and while painful, if the average user doesn't bother carrying enough to search for and adopting alternatives (Librem 5 comes to mind), things went ever evolve and change. L5 is not perfect but any stretch of the imagination, but it's a stepping stone to get away from big corporate devices like Android and iOS based phones, tablets and wear. I look forward to the investigation regardless.

@elgg For profit corporate service working exactly as intended. People using them sometimes find out the hard way.

@teledyn It could be fun to collaborate on defining a feature set. I have no experience in building a modern web interface from the ground up using nodejs, but I'm a java service engineer by trade and I have some experience with maintaining node apps. Was thinking about something like JHipster w/ReactJS, with an OpenAPI contract defined first, which could also help to integrate with existing services like Songkick, Bandsintown, ticket retailers for shows, etc.

@teledyn Could be that a new platform needs to exist that is tailored towards media distribution? Something with hooks into payment platforms, can handle the concept of a "release", can handle transcode on the fly if necessary, etc.

Want to have some reasonable gun control?

Expand the NFA to cover all repeating firearms. Provide a final date that no previously-unregistered arms can be registered after. Grandfather all existing repeating arms under the $200 tax stamp (each) and then adjust that tax stamp price for inflation, from 1934 until today, for any future transfer ($4300). This doesn't violate the 2A according to any existing SCOTUS opinion.

A startup could profit off homelessness with tiny homes : NPR

Why are we leaving this to businesses? Why are US military construction battalions not spearheading this effort?

Grifter McCreary loses her bid for city council seat! Embrace the positive!

Georgia students sue over blocked protest against rebel flag | AP News

One mother picking her suspended student up was pulled over and harassed by local police until school administrators showed up to serve a do not trespass notice. This is 's district, which is not a coincidence.

If there is no US constitutional right to , where does that leave data-at-rest , , , or ?

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